Working as IT market, and with vacancies in production.

Our system of cooperation

We analyze your staffing needs and the labor market.
We sign a contract and discuss search terms.
The amount of time spent depends on the vacancy, so we will estimate the approximate deadlines at the stage of analysis.

Pay for each employee is divided into 3 parts:


Part 1 – non-refundable deposit when signing the contract;
Part 2 – at the beginning of the probationary period of the employee;
Part 3 – at the end of the probationary period;

We set clear goals and numbers for employees and estimate the total amount for which we will be ready to provide you with the right number of recruiters to close all vacancies.


This package is good for those who need 3 vacancies at a time.

We submit 3-7 candidates for one position (the number is selected for the vacancy) according to your requirements.
You can interview all the candidates you submit, or you can select several. We control and assist you in this process.
 We take all communication on ourselves: from interviewing to salary discussions.

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